Morning Glimpse <3 Last year sour memories

Happy Good Morning to all from Chennai, India. Namaste Guys 🙂

At point I was wondering being Home Maker is not a easy part. Its been 5 years of my marriage life and we have two beautiful kids…girl who is 3 years old and boy who is 10 months old. It is not easy part to raise children’s,  it was last year the same month she got ill and gave birth to my boy. It took her nearly 8 months to survive from that and nearly forgot that I have another baby. Its been like a dream………I couldn’t breast feed my son since I was staying completely with my daughter in hospital. Everything happens for good but I believe whatever happening is good……. All every incidents made me mentally strong I didn’t want to myself and there it was my first book Moonlight Shadow. I was very happy to see my name on a book eventhough it’s self published. People all around the world got the book and they are reading it….That is something special……It’s an absolute Thriller…..It’s think it’s a whole lot story for an Morning Glimpse. ……cheers guys….god bless everyone <3😄


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