Leaukemia – Cancer

Hello guys this blog is something very important which we do not see or realise to our day to day life. Actually when I heard  the word cancer first, a thought just came to me was people who drink and smoke do get diagnosed with cancer.

      But it is not like what it seems to be,  past days of experience showed me even kids do get cancer. When I spoke to doctor he told me everything about cancer which I couldn’t even imagine about…… Leaukemia  diagnosed in kids,  no one could find the reasons behind it.  There was no specific reason behind cancer diagonised in kids. It was not because of food or how you take care of your kid. It is completely  unjudgeable……..

        But Food plays very important role in everyone’s life. Every food have their own medicinal purposes like egg, papaya, dragon fruit, berries, dark chocolate which is  an anti oxidant helps to prevent cancer. Red coloured fruits and veggies are good for blood and papaya good for platelets and developes good immunity level…….. This is not the end of awareness it’s just the beginning. Make sure if your kids s frequently affected with fever then it should be shown to doctor because frequent occurrence of fever in little while again and again is also one of the symptoms of Leaukemia. Leaukemia happens to affect the kids at age between 2 to 5…



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