Writing Part 1

Been through a lot in these 2 years wishing to get things back to normal. I have been inactive for all these days; now i am back with all joy and fun. I was able to write my first book which is  still in process by  some of the publishers for publishing it but i would like to hear from others if they are willing to publish my writing. I like to publish it in global way, love to hear from people reading my book and all their reviews about it. To every writer first book is their dream book ……i didn’t want my book to stay in dream mode alone  i want to be alive and beautiful…..My book is still active in Amazon you can search it as MOONLIGHT SHADOW by Shobana Rakesh – A Dark Crime Thriller. 
     It’s a crime thriller book with lot of twists and turns where you all love it. You can follow my FB page  @moonlighshadowmybok
Instagram @shobana_mybok and my twitter page @m_shobana13.
My second is still on progress yet to be finished, God bless everyone <3.


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