Back again :)

It’s been months….. seriously time, omg!!!!!@ can’t believe 2015 is over and we are into 2016😊Wat a wonderful year…..I didn’t get a chance to wish yu all…. I am jst so happy and with my full heart to everyone Belated Happy Newyear🎉 …..

It’s so fantastic…..eenjoying my preg time and spending some quality time with my elder daughter……when I was working I missed my daughter a lot…..nw we r enjoying it😍😘 Daily fights, sweet cuddles and cute cries….pricelessssssss😄Entering into my 6th month f my pregnancy. Able to feel my sweet baby moments…..wowwww…..

There has been lot stuff happnd in between… prob. ..suffered a lot bt finally I am very happy tat my baby s very fine still inside my womb taking sweet little nap now..

Time now nearly 2 night….Tmrrw we have a festival to celebrate….lot f works to b done and all I need s sweet little rest…

Good night guys😴


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