Say it r nt!!!!!!!GTA rocksssss🎮💻

It’s always been my fav from ma school days. There r other gals who r totally not into games, but I am different sitting in front of my system hitting others, chasing cars, stealing money and doing ma jobs!!!!!!! Wowwwwww…… still tat gangster music s jst running into my mind the Cars and yu can jst drive into any of yur wish. Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


One of my fav. VICE CITY , I knw many would have finished thousand times but I myself have finished three times finishing all jobs for ma little brother who just does oly job of hitting people, stealing money and luxuriously enjoying the other stuffs.


But wen it came to GTA SA….ma little bro jst totally rocked doing some tuff jobs bt I did some… Still GTA is one of d fav games under everyone’s list whoever have played it and still it rocks😎


One thought on “Say it r nt!!!!!!!GTA rocksssss🎮💻

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