Best holiday 🏰Singapore😚👜👠👗

Singapore, diverse and lovely country with different religion peoples holding up with different languages. They are so united and everyone celebrating every festival with so much unity.


Singapore, lovely tourist place to visit and I had nice time during summer with ma family and baby gal.


Really the country s total neat with lovely people. We didn’t have enough time to enjoy our holidays in singapore. SENTOSA and UNIVERSAL STUDIOS were best. Myself and my cousins, we just went into our young age treating ourselves like small kids running all over the place.



I enjoyed my shopping, since I was staying at little India I was able to visit oly few shopping places. Mustafa s one great place where I did all my shopping from perfumes to slippers. You all must 3 for 10$ it’s so perfect, where yu can get lovely souvenirs. If I get time again I  gonna make my trip to singapore.



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