Indian Fashion – Sarees 😄

Fashion turned out to be a common word, where you can see everyone saying and getting indulged into it. Every country have their own fashion and they enjoy it. But they do come with common international fashion world. Let me think Jeans, t-shirt then say lot more to come. Fashion has changed everything from your head to toe. Let me say here that even fashion went on a great revolutionary time with Indian tradition sarees.

Old days they used to wear Traditional pattu sarees which are still unchanged. There might be lot of differentions in sarees say Designer sarees , Benares sarees. But pattu sarees has been still in demand now days. Fashion has brought so many changes in sarees varities along with blouse designs which you can see in every single function in India. Here I am talking about how fashion has played turning this ordinary pattu saree blouse into awsome modern one😍😉


This is one of my favourite from my favourite designer. I love the works and wonders she does with those colors and mismatch, combine them into one beautiful art.


This is absolutely lovely kundan work blouse where you have stones attached to it. It goes well with all sarees, it just beautifies you more with that elegant work.


Blouse works is like when go out for an occasion you have to look good, so you do makeover. This is exactly the same which has been done to that blouse to make both the saree and you more elegant.


Oh look at this color!!!!! Blue my fav😘. Now the mismatch color combo has been the trendy one which shows even your simple saree with outstanding look where everyone get stunned by you.

These are some of my favourites and there is lot more to come in my next blog. Good night guys😪Have a fashiony night👗👚👢👜


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