Bachelors Kitchen🍝

Lot of people travel abroad and feel difficult to cook as they don’t know of much recipies and easy timely foods.

Today I am gonna start with basic Daal version of Indian style.

Basic ingredients you need to make daal

1. Toor daal

2. Onion-2

3. Tomato-2

4. Green chillies-4

5. Dry chillies-4

6. Asfoetida

7. Coriander leaves

8. Curry leaves

9. Garlic gloves

10. Salt needed

11. Turmeric powder

Take a cooker where I use the small version of cooker. If you have the big one no issues take up the vessel for it can contain all the above contents. So first take one cup of Toor daal, rinse in water and remove all the water contents. Following that add chopped onions, chopped tomatoes. If you have any veggies like carrot or capsicum you can cut into small cubes and add to it. Add some green chillies, don’t cut into small ones just remove the top part, give a slit at side of chilli add to the above content. Add needed water, along to it add some asfoetida and turmeric powder. You can add  chopped coriander leaves. Leave the cooker on stove and let it go for 7 to 8 whistles. After 8 whistles remove from the stove and let the steam get released. After that remove the lid and mash the content with ladle or karandi. Take a small kadai add some oil once heated add mustard, dry chillies, crushed garlic and curry leaves. Once they get lite fried add to the mashed daal and some needed salt to it. Mix the content ane leave on the stove let it boil, once boiled remove from the stove…..Daal ready😆😉dw-ateXGCsNz4FG8LkoXu8v1cHa0P1J8uH93KSOS0uBRD0vsdUkF4CMKLu9xIMuHTo0HgQIC9nuhkS2Af7Mc6FOqWe6V0ZD1HH04Ba1mzJpmH-mAFLy33iQ_eEdByAO6hQprJ7daIu1V4MJ6YbSWlRM=w471-h312-nc


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