First thing about LOVE is “Love yourself, Then you can fall in love with some one you love from your heart”.


Very simple basic rule. That automatically fits into life too. There is no major difference between life and love, every person have one single life where every single life decides what should happen in your life within your life time period. When this is the condition, everything in our life works on the condition.who-loves-you

I have thought to myself why predicting life is so difficult and we don’t know about the future and only thing we can cherish about s the past. Past has been so important to lot of people than d present and that s the truth.short-love-quotes-images

Everyone is sacrificing something in their life to love someone r something in their life that is the first eternal condition of love.  LOVE – can happen so many times to so many people but atlast it chooses someone to be your eternal partner at d flash moment of life. And heart chooses the exact same person to be your adorable partner.


Really Love is a lovely thing to live with and live with it. Just fall in love with person who really loves you dont ignore it,  just cherish it. Love Love what to say I am addicted to t 🙂


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